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Support Groups


Breast Cancer Resource Center (BCRC) bringing help and hope to Central Texas affected by breast cancer.

Cancer Support Community Central Texas Center (CSCCT) - provides support group meetings that enhance the ability of cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and family members to adjust and cope with some of the side effects of cancer.

The Care Communities - creates a volunteer family to help those confronting HIV/AIDS or cancer alone. They recruit, train and forms teams of volunteers to provide practical, non-medical and emotional support for people with HIV/AIDS or cancer who do not have a support system.

Fit 2 Fight Cancer Fitness Training Fit2Fight™ provides in-home cancer exercise training for individuals as well as patient & caregiver teams and small groups.

Neuropathy Alliance of Texas - a nonprofit that offers support and education in Austin and Central Texas to people affected by peripheral neuropathy. Monthly support group meetings take place in various locations. Their hope is that this information empowers neuropathy patients, caregivers, family and friends with the knowledge and support needed for all who are affected by it. Their mission is to promote awareness about neuropathy in Central Texas, provide education, resources and emotional support to patients and caregivers, and to support research.

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) -promotes ovarian cancer education and awareness while supporting survivors and their families.

National Lymphedema Network, an internationally recognized non-profit organization founded in 1988 to provide education and guidance to lymphedema patients, health care professionals and the general public by disseminating information on management of primary/secondary lymphedema and related disorders, and education in risk reduction practices for all individuals at risk for or affected by lymphedema.

Oncology Massage Alliance - started in 2011 by four massage therapists dedicated to providing compassionate touch with the hopes of reducing stress to individuals undergoing cancer treatment. OMA's mission is to reduce stress, promote healing, and provide emotional support for cancer patients in infusion rooms, as well as increase public awareness of the benefits of oncology massage.

Team Survivor Capital of Texas - women cancer survivors rebuilding physical health and emotional well-being through group exercise. Their programs are free and open to female cancer survivors.

The Flatwater Foundation providing families with mental health support while coping with a cancer diagnosis.

CancerQuest is a cancer education and outreach program at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.  They provide reliable information about cancer biology and treatment and all material on CancerQuest is based on scientific literature that viewers can verify and investigate for themselves. Since 1998, development of the CancerQuest website and the associated outreach program has been made possible by many different people. They work with a diverse group of academic and private organizations and individuals.

American Childhood Cancer Organization ( ACCO ) began in 1970 by a group of parents whose children had been diagnosed with cancer. They came together to lobby for more research, and to support each other through the diagnosis and treatment of this life threatening disease at a time when very few children survived. Today, ACCO is one of the largest grassroots, national organizations dedicated to improving the lives of children and adolescents with cancer and their families. They are strong advocates for families in Washington D.C.; they also produce the highest quality materials on childhood cancer, and they have over 40 local affiliate organizations across the country providing direct services to the families in their communities.

The Mesothelioma Group is a team of healthcare professionals, patient advocates, and communication specialists who have one goal: to lead the way in supporting and encouraging mesothelioma patients and their families/friends through every step of the diagnostic and treatment process. Mesothelioma is a complicated disease, but one thing is very clear: Asbestos exposure is the primary cause. The Mesothelioma Group’s desire is to provide comprehensive, caring support for those who’ve been affected by this disease. They also donate to local charities and provide scholarships to victims and their families. 

Yoga and Talk - Integrating Yoga and Psychotherapy (for cancer survivors) - Kelly Inselmann, LCSW, E-RYT500, has started a weekly "Yoga and Talk Therapy Group for Survivors of Cancer."